who are we?

SAFETYWOOD INTELLIGENCE OF INDIA PVT. LTD. aims with one vision of providing the best performance in the field. We do not believe in conducting many different businesses under one roof instead we believe in doing one thing at one time to obtain the best result. Presently providing services in the state of Goa and Manipur our firm strongly believes in providing quality service to our clients.

We established this firm with one and only vision which is to provide the best and most efficient securities to the clients which need real security. After studying the security system carefully we decided to supply the most efficient and skilled securities to the industries, factories, mines, offices, multiplexes, homes, clubs, pubs, banks, developments or properties, events, functions, casinos, discotheques and also personal bodyguards to individuals. We aim at supplying well trained security personnel in a dynamic manner which will fit the client’s exact needs. We are looking forward in supplying the security personnel with the following aspects in mind.

They are:

  • Young and physically fit personnel

  • Equipped with martial arts training

  • Personnel with the quick sense of response at the time of sudden incidents

  • Personnel with the sense of responsibility

  • Competence to handle argumentative situation in the best possible manner

Security has become a major issue in today’s world where the life of a common person is not secure with growing nos. of terrorist outfits and local thugs. We need to really look inside to see the person who is assigned with the responsibility of guarding not only the employees but also the premises is really capable of performing the assigned job or not.

So we have decided to recruit security personnel with these norms in our minds:

  • Operation under the private security agencies (regulation) act, 2005

  • Strict recruitment of security personnel

  • Excellent maintenance of chain of order

  • We work under the guidance of govt. controlling authorities

  • Strict character and behavior verification

  • Proper instruction according to the client’s needs

  • Non unionized security personnel

  • Security inspection patrolling team

  • Quick response team for any disputes

  • 24/7 operational control room

  • Adequate reserves

  • World class uniforms

  • Proper input of methods and techniques

our team


Dijen Singh