what we do?

SAFETYWOOD INTELLIGENCE OF INDIA PVT. LTD. provides the best security services in Goa and Manipur. We have worked hard and proven time and again that we are the most trusted service in Goa and Manipur. We are capable of providing any man-power services. The services that we provide are as follows:

Security Guards

We provide best security guards in Goa and Manipur, security officers in Goa and Manipur, security supervisors in Goa and Manipur, lady guards in Goa and Manipur, armed guards in Goa and Manipur, unarmed guards in Goa and Manipur. Our employees are young and fit, equipped with martial arts training, and most importantly responsible persons.

Personal Bodyguards

Our bodyguards have undergone special training in the situations arising around politicians and diplomats. If you are a celebrity, a VIP or for any reason are in need of protection we can help you feel safe. If your family needs protection we will handle it. We have the best bodyguards in Goa and Manipur.


When parties, events, functions are arranged then it is mandatory to provide the needful protection to the guests so that no threats from outside the party or from internal matters can kill the enjoyment. We provide healthy and smart bouncers in Goa and Manipur to look after smooth functioning of the event.


Be it personal investigation, corporate investigation, political investigation, or any other special investigation, we provide very sharp, highly knowledgeable and experienced detectives in Goa and Manipur to solve the mysteries of your life.

Patrolling Security

In residential communities and business environments, our services make a strong and positive statement. We provide licensed, uniformed patrol supervisors in highly visible vehicles with light bars and reflective markings to make on-site tours of your business or property.